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5 Tips on How Not to Give Up

Hi Party People!

It's Friday! :D Yeah! What are you going to do tonight?

Time and time again, people ask me for advice, mostly about how can I be so positive, and also how I manage to not give up when things are going in the wrong direction. 

So I decided to do this post, because beauty is not only about makeup, but about what is inside you.

So here are my 5 Tips to make you going:

1. Organize your month, your week, your day! Sleeping late, getting lost in funny Youtube videos, going into a relaxation period that was supposed to last one day, and it lasts 5, are all things that sound so good. The problem is when reality hits you and, you discover that the time you spent "relaxing" took you away from your goals. And then that feeling of regret takes over your mind and you go deeper and deeper into a non productive phase. So take a day of your life to write down what are your goals and desires. And then establish daily objectives to work on those goals. Writing makes everything more real, and if you have a deadline to achieve something, your mind will push you to do what you need to do.

2. Learn how to take a No! One of the things that people tell me all the time is that they want to give up on a goal they have, because they can't deal with others saying No to them. This happens because No, isn't just a word, it's a negative feeling. But the truth is "No" has the meaning that you want to give it. People that are successful, manage to take a "No", as just a word. They know that the road doesn't stop there, they just have to adjust their strategy. Don't take the "No" personally, it happens everyday, and to every single one of us. Take the "No" as fuel to motivate you, to be more creative and resourceful. 

3. Rise above the negativity! Party People, let me tell you this is not an easy one, but we can do it! At my age, I analyze my life and I start to filter quicker and better who is good for me, who is going to help me be a better person, and who is going to pollute my mind with negative thoughts. It's really important to surround yourself with family and friends that support your objectives and give you the motivation you need when your feeling down. But, sometimes you can't escape listening to comments that make you feel demotivated. When this happens step away from what is causing that to you. Because if it is, you just shouldn't be around it. Then look yourself in the mirror and start remembering all that you planed and the road you walked so far. And smile! You will feel better!

4. If it was easy then everybody could do it! Your plans might be simple, or complex to achieve. But the road is going to have a few bumps. I can assure you of that! So do a Plan B, C, D,... And if all fails, sit down and rethink your strategy. You could find easier ways to achieve your goals, so be creative and get together with creative people.

5. Relax! You deserve it! Sometimes things are not going the wrong way because you have a bad plan. They are going that way because you are tired, exhausted, and need to relax a little bit. So exercise, go out with your family and friends, eat your favorite dessert and sleep. The next day, you will wake up with a different perspective about things.

So, Party People, don't give up on your dreams! Use every energy you got to be happy! 

Hope you like it!
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

PS: Party People do meu Portugal, hoje tenho imensas coisas para fazer, por isso não posso passar o post para português. Contudo, quem achar necessário, comente que durante o fim-de-semana faço a tradução para o português.



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