sexta-feira, 14 de março de 2014

What to do in a Beautiful Spring Day?

Hi Party People!

Must of us are waiting for the weekend to enjoy fully these Spring Sunny days. So here is an inspirational post about what you can do to make these Spring days count!

Hope you like it!
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Olá Party People!

Muitos de nós estão à espera do fim-de-semana para apreciar em pleno estes dias de Primavera. Por isso aqui vai um post de inspiração para que possam fazer com que estes dias contem!

Espero que gostem!
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Stop and smell the flowers!

Spend time with your family...

... and the love of your life!

Use a yellow makeup brush, just because it's more fun!

Use your fav Eylure / Katy Perry eyelashes just because they say "fierce" in the packaging!

Eat your favorite muffin, because Summer is not here yet!

Remember old friends...

... and have fun with new one's!

And don't forget to be silly and just smile... Smile...

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