quinta-feira, 1 de maio de 2014

How to Prepare for an Important Meeting?!

Hi Party People!

Today it looks like Winter came and knocked at my door! I want the Sun so bad again...

This year I've been having probably the most important meetings of my life. And it's been one after the other. So I had to quickly adapt to a "meeting" mode. 

I learned a few things that I think are important to consider. 

A) Confidence is the most important element when you go to a meeting. Prepare everything that you need so you can reduce the chance of having any doubts. For me it's super important.

B) Prepare your makeup, hair and total outfit the night before the meeting. Have on your desk all your makeup products and hair products. And in your chair, the outfit. Specially if you have an early meeting. For your makeup and hair try to wear something that you feel represents your personality. But also something that you can adapt quickly, like neutral colors. 

C) Also don't forget to plan all your travels the day before. And go at least 30min before the time you are supposed to leave your house. You never know what can happen and those 30min extra can really save your meeting.

D) If you don't have a car and have to use public transportation, you should have a pair of tennis shoes in your bag. In my case I always use a backpack, so I can carry as much things as I can.

E) Don't forget your products to retouch the makeup and fix your hair in case you need it. Also, bring a healthy snack with you. Having a meeting with an empty stomach is always a bad idea.

And here is also an example of a makeup that I wore for an important meeting. I love golds and nudes for it!

Hope you like it!
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

PS: Como hoje tive e estou a ter um dia ocupado, peço, caso alguém queira que traduza para português o post, que me diga. Obrigada!

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  1. Muito boas dicas Rita! Podias fazer um tutorial da make que usas-te na foto. Pareceu-me otima para o proposito :).